Our qualitative services borders around Scientific,Medical,Material testing safetyand laboratory equipment as well as laboratory chemicals to schools, hospitals, and food industries. It is fair to say we've actively participated in local and international trade fairs and exhibitions since establishment. Laboratory installations, furnishing and fitting spells another area of specialization of our organisation. We do the installation of water and gas to the best of leak proof and are made accessible to for maintenance and repair works when due. At McDonald we believe in thorough services hence the offer of consultancy services in the area of setting up Medical, Science, Material testing and language laboratories. We offer computer services in the areas of sales, maintenance, repairs and networking. We organize workshops and seminars in provision of feasibility studies to schools,medical and analytical laboratories. McDonnald's reputable standard and growth rate has earned it significant position as the representative of renowned scientific, laboratory, material testing equipment manufacturers all across the globe, in its region of operations i.e. Nigeria and West Africa


We have a number of scientific equipment for various kinds of jobs to organize an easy to use session of experiments.


Our laboratory equipments are second to none as we provide all necessary laboratory equipments at unbeatable prizes ranging from laboratory experimental chemicals to apparatus for experiment and examination purposes.


Here at McDonalds, your hospital can be fully equipped and set online in a matter of hours, of your scanning through our wide range of hospital equipment which are affordable and conform to specified standard. Why not come in and check it out today.


We possess a large range and stock of chemicals and reactive substances in our ware houses, that include those for laboratory works, experiments, hospital use fully at your disposal and ready to deliver to your door-step.